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What is outcomes-based education?

Constructive alignment have become widely used, under the more general label of ‘outcomes-based education’ (OBE) or ‘outcomes-based teaching and learning’ (OBTL). Outcomes-based teaching and learning is a convenient and practical way of maintaining standards and of improving teaching. Standards are stated up front and teaching is tuned to best meet them. assessment being the means […]

JBLCF and UCLM NSA Cadets in Actions at Improving their Quality and Value as Team Players

BlazeWits, in collaboration with Norwegian Maritime Foundation of the Philippines, Inc., facilitated Team Building seminar-workshop to the NSA cadets housed in their maritime partner schools; namely John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation, Inc. and University of Cebu Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue. The Team Building for the first Batch BSMT Alpha at John B. Lacson was held on […]